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Optimum RE Investments LLC

OPTIMUM is an international real estate company, entrepreneurial, dynamic with extensive experience in the acquisition, management and operation of residential properties in the U.S.
The company was founded by two real estate developers, Tamir Poleg Omri Shafran in early 2000, both serving as CEOs of the group’s activities.
The company’s offices are located out in Tel Aviv (Israel), Houston and Dallas, USA.
The company employs over 60 employees in the company’s main headquarters in Houston, Texas and operates, directly and through daughter companies, many real estate projects generating income yield.
The company owns several different subsidiaries (daughter companies), each with its uniquely defined role. This way, with each subsidiary complementing the other, the company’s investors receive superior service, reliable handling and an end-to-end solution.
Today, after years of operations, the company owns, manages and operates about 2,000 residential apartments and several developments in the center of the United States. All the company’s assets are directly managed using the most advanced systems in the field of asset management and financial management.
During the operations, the company has gained knowledge, experience and relationships that allow it to optimally utilize and materialize the opportunities in the U.S. real estate market today.
The company is considered an expert in the field of income producing residential properties, given its years of operation and large number of transactions it has performed and managed.

Williamstown Apartments

Property Name: Williamstown Apartments
Owned by (Entity Name): Optimum Williamstown LLC
Property Description: Multifamily
Year Built: 1976
Location: Houston, TX
Number of Units: 272
Total Square Feet: 205,376
Property Management: 100% Leased Management LLC
On-site Staff: 7
Purchase Date: 18.9.09

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Park Vali Apartments

Property Name: Park Vali Apartments
Owned by (Entity Name): Optimum Park Vali LLC
Property Description: Multifamily Complex
Year Built: 1968
Location: Dallas, TX
Number of Units: 145
Total Square Feet: 3 Acres
Property Management: 100% Leased Management LLC
On-site Staff: 2
Purchase Date: 28.7.10

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